So what’s this site all about?

So what’s this site all about?

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
– Benjamin Franklin

Well I’m certainly not doing anything worth writing about, so here we are. I doubt I write anything that’s actually worth reading, but I write anyway.  Long story short, I’m tired of fighting the tool on our league site for posting stories.

I cranked out my Douglas Adams inspired article for week 7 on Wednesday night, and felt pretty darn good about the whole thing.  Then the next day I went to read it and bask in the glory of my awesomeness and realized that half of the stuff I’d meant to put in there never made it in, or just didn’t come off the way I’d meant for it to do.

The whole thing with the Dolphins I was supposed to tie back to Terry’s team with Lamar Miller and Ryan Tannehill going off, but never did.  I never mentioned the way Amina nearly won the week. The wording on several things was really awkward and forced. It just didn’t read the way I thought it would when I posted it.

And this isn’t the first time this has happened.  Every week I find myself trimming and skimming trying to squeeze into the mysterious character limit that our site imposes.

And I say mysterious because the site says there is a 5000 character limit for the League Story.  That’s not huge, but it should be enough for most of what I want to do most weeks.  But here’s the catch: it imposes that character limit on the fully formatted version of the story.  I’m pretty sure it adds all the necessary HTML tags and such for the article, the title, the base formatting, the picture and all of that and includes that stuff in its count of the characters. So I do it in Word first, and pretty much if I get up around 3000 characters (including spaces), I know it’s not going to fit so I start hacking away.  Anything that includes any sort of formatting (like the occasional Bold or italics on the week 7 article) is going to be even worse.

Oh, and it doesn’t actually tell you how many characters it thinks you’ve used. It doesn’t actually say you’ve exceeded that limit!  It just says there was an error and fails to post the article. Took me forever to figure out that’s why it was failing. Frankly it’s a pain in the arse.

Plus there’s other little things, like I’ve wanted to add extra pictures in the past, it’s a pain to add hyperlinks, there’s almost no options for formatting. I know. Whine. Piss. Moan.

So I figured I’d just set up a place to post what I want, pretty much the way I want. Of course now I’m running out of ideas for clever stories this year, so I may not have more than 3000 characters to write, but just in case, here we are.

NONow you all may be thinking “No! God! Please! No! Now he’s going to write even MORE of this drivel?!?!!” and wanting that enforced brevity back.  I’ll just say feel free to provide any constructive criticism you feel is appropriate.  I do this because I can have some fun, but I hope it’s fun for you as well, so if it really sucks I hope you will let me know so I don’t waste time for either of us.

It’s been a while since I played with wordpress, so bear with me while I’m fiddling around with things, but hopefully this will work out.


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