Week 10: Changes at the Top

Week 10:  Changes at the Top

Picture:  Terry looked like a fool starting Peyton Manning who threw nearly as many passes to the Chiefs (4) as he did to his own team (5).  Meanwhile, Brock Osweiler stares into your soul.

Just two short weeks after it looked like the Yukon Gold were about to run away with the league, we now have a new team flying into first place.  Fly Eagles Fly scored a dominating win over the Gold to draw even in the standings at 7-3.  But perhaps just as important, the Eagles are now 2-0 against their nearest competitors in the standings.  While the Eagles have split with each of the three teams at the bottom of the league, they are undefeated in four games against the Gold and the Mashed Potatoes.  With only one game remaining against each team, the Eagles are guaranteed a head-to-head advantage in any tie with one or both Tater Teams.

We have finished the 2nd round-robin pass through the league and several other teams have claimed tiebreaker advantages.  Chris has locked up the advantage over Amina, Doug and Anand.  Terry has the advantage over Amina and Anand, Amina holds the edge over Doug, while Doug is 2-0 against Anand.  All other combinations are tied at 1-1

There’s an interesting quirk in the schedule that I just noticed this week. When I set the league up for the season I chose a random schedule order, so each group of 5 games against each other is put into in a random order. As we start a new set of 5 games, it just so happens that all three games in week 11 are repeats of a matchup from week 10.  So don’t be surprised if your competition looks familiar this week.

Important Note:  The league Trade deadline is THIS FRIDAY, November 20th!  Make your offers now so they can get processed!

The Edgars 170.96, Geno’s Jawbreakers 143.98

I’ve tried to point out the bad luck that the Jawbreakers have faced this year, but sometimes, you just get whupped like one of Adrian Peterson’s kids. (Too soon?) Geno and Co. put up their lowest score of the year (by nearly 25 points).  The game was pretty close throughout the weekend, but the Edgars still had Jimmy Graham and Larry Fitzgerald when Geno ran out of players. In a game where fully half of the players failed to reach double digits, there were few stars, but Martavis Bryand and Eli Manning did enough to make up for the combined 1 point from Marcel Reese and Fat Eddie Lacy for the Edgars, while Adrian Peterson putting a beating on the Raiders (Still too soon?) was the bright spot for the Jawbreakers.

Fly Eagles Fly 211.56, Yukon Gold 172

High-flying Antonio Brown followed up last week’s 45 point ouburst with

Antonio Brown Flip
Fly Antonio Fly!

a mere 37.9 points to lead all scorers again this week for the Eagles. Jeremy Langford nearly matched Brown for the Gold, but not enough other players pitched in to help, particularly with a combined 1 point out of the Flex, Kicker and Defense spots.  Brandin Cooks continued his late season surge to help build an insurmountable lead.

Game of the Week
Mashed Potatoes 176.12, Don’t Stop Believin’ 172.0

In the closest head-to-head match of the year, the Mashed Potatoes pulled out a close come-from-behind victory to stay within one game of the leaders in the standings. The Mashers had a slim lead heading into the sunday night game with kicker Steven Hauschka facing off against the Beleivers’ Arizona Defense.  The game looked to be a runaway as Arizona was scoring safeties, and shutting out Seattle in the early going, but as Seattle started to score, including a several kicks from Hauschka, they pulled the Cards defensive score back to single digits. The Potatoes were able to overcome the colossal stinker from QB Peyton Manning (I told you he looks like poop!) behind Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Miller.

Bad Move Benching of the Week

Two teams left two 30+ point scorers on the bench this week.  The Edgars missed out on Kirk Cousins and Ben Roethlisberger (who didn’t even start) having huge days, but starters Eli Manning and Blake Bortles did well enough to secure the win.  But the Award goes to the Yukon Gold, who really could have used the big games of Charcandrick West and Jay Cutler. (Because, yeah, we expect players facing Denver and St. Louis to have monster games against those defenses.)  In particular, starting West over the scoreless Willie Snead at Flex would have made a huge difference, and also starting Cutler over Derek Carr would have given the Gold just enough for a victory.



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