Week 11: New Kid in Town Starts to Pull Away

Eagles New Kid in town2Picture: The New Kid in Town is taking the league by storm.  (R)Andy  “Meisner” Dalton, Glenn Frey, Cam “Joe Walsh” Newton, Justin “Don Felder (and his Beard)” Fayer, and Antonio “Don Henley” Brown have led the newcomer Eagles to the Number 1 spot in the charts.

When joining the league, Jason talked big about how he was going to win it all and it appears he intends to follow through on that. One week after taking first place on a tiebreaker, he has now extended that lead even further.

Just two weeks after the highest scoring week of the season, we now have set a record low scoring week of the season, “beating” the previous mark by nearly 20 points.  And for the 2nd week in a row, Jason took advantage of the low scores and extended his advantage in the standings. The season-long scoring average in the league is just under 194, and the Eagles are the only team to beat that amount in either of the past two weeks.

We are finally getting some separation in the standings as a three game gap has opened up between the top 3 and bottom 3 teams in the league. With a three game gap and 4 regular season games remaining, is still possible for the 4-7 teams to catch the top teams for a spot in the Super Bowl, but it will take everything going just right.  At 4 games behind and a tiebreaker disadvantage to both 7-4 teams, Anand is officially eliminated from playoff contention despite a win this week.

Geno’s Jawbreakers 146.3, The Edgars 73.56

The 1.1 points by Karlos Williams on Monday Night was just enough for the Edgars to avoid getting doubled up by Geno and Co.  Other than that, nothing went right for the Edgars this week.  It didn’t help starting both Matt Forte and Alshon Jeffrey from the Bears when they were both inactive.  But even beyond that, only Larry Fitzgerald and Blake Bortles could manage even double digit scoring.  For the Jawbreakers, the only player to top 20 points was Danny Amendola filling in admirably for Julian Edelman (until he too left the game with an apparent injury), but it was enough to notch the 3rd highest score of the week.

Fly Eagles Fly 200.74, Yukon Gold 190.54

The Eagles took the head-to-head victory for the 2nd straight week to wrap up a season sweep of the Yukon Gold and firmly sink their talons into first place.  Already holding a tiebreaker edge, the Eagles effectively hold a 2 game lead on first place.  Cam Newton abused the real Eagles defense to score over 20% of the teams points with 41.  Only Andy Dalton was able to join Newton in the over-20 club but that was enough to secure the victory and a 2nd straight weekly win.  The Yukoners had solid days from Carson Palmer, DeAandre Hopkins and Julio Jones but they happened to be facing the only team in the league to outscore them.  Oh, and for the 3rd time in 4 weeks, they lost a running back to a season ending injury.

Game of The Week
Mashed Potatoes 135.7, Don’t Stop Believin’ 128.7

It was set up perfectly.  With a win, Don’t Stop Believin’ would pull within a game of the Mashed Potatoes and stay within reach of the top teams.  As the Sunday afternoon games wound down, the Taters were barely over 125 points and had only Brandon Lafell left to play.  The Believers were quite a ways behind but they had a full arsenal of big guns yet to play:  Brady, Blount, Gronk, Gio, and the Arizona Defense.  In the Sunday night game, Gio Bernard did his part with over 20 points although the Cards defense was a disappointment.  But with the three Patriot stars left to play on Monday, the game seemed comfortably within reach.  But both Brady and Gronkowski had their worst games of the season by far.  Brady had what looked to be a sure long touchdown called back on an “inadvertent whistle” by the bumbling crew of officials, and in the end, the Believers fell just a few points short.



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