Week 15: On to the Super Bowl

Week 15:  On to the Super Bowl

There really wasn’t much on the line in week 15 and the games were all pretty one-sided, so I’ll keep this (relatively) short

At 11-4, Jason and I move on to the Super Bowl.  Terry finishes 9-6 and is probably wondering why he lobbied so hard for 3rd place not getting any payout.  Amina and Doug are tied at 5-10, but despite Doug’s convincing victory this week, Amina takes 4th on the tiebreaker based on two earlier victories.  Anand sputtered to the end of the regular season at 4-11.

Jason is blowing everyone away down the stretch, setting a new record for top overall score this season, beating his previous record from week 3.  It is his 7th weekly win and 6th in the last 7 weeks. With Jason having beaten me head-to-head all three times we played this year, the bigger drama for the Super Bowl is probably not who will win the game, but rather it’s whether Jason can outscore me by the 102.1 points needed to catch me in the overall points race in addition to winning the championship.  The NFL.COM projections have him as about a 65 point favorite (it was closer to 80 earlier this week), so it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

Since the site doesn’t accommodate a 1 week playoff format, I had to manually adjust the schedule to reflect the Super Bowl match-up.  I set the other games up as #3 vs. #4 and #5 vs. #6.  NOTE:  This week still counts for the WEEKLY points contests, so keep your lineups up-to-date.  There’s still one $10 payout available to everyone.



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