Week 2: Edgars and Eagles

Week 2:  Edgars and Eagles

It’s Week 2. The newness has worn off, teams start making adjustments, we all start overreacting to what happened week 1 and scoring goes down.  That’s just how it goes, right? There’s a lot of factors that can go into it.  So I started looking into why scoring might have gone down so much.  Only two

I suck
I suck

teams broke 200 points this week whereas 4 did last week.  Three fewer players scored over 30 points, and no one topped 40.  The average output per team went down by an average of over 13 points.  But really, when I got looking closer, the full extent of the drop in scoring can bet attributed to one thing.  Me.  From week 1 to week 2, league scoring dropped 78 points.  From week 1 to week 2, my scoring dropped nearly 83 points.  Its’ all my fault.  Y’all just kept doin what you were doing.

Caerbannog Killer Rabbits 150.82, Fitzchise 196.32

The only starters for the Rabbits who weren’t outscored by at least two different bench players at the same position were Julio Jones, and the guys at positions where I don’t have anyone on the bench.  Meanwhile, Fitzchise keeps plugging along to their 2nd win.   Matt Ryan had a 2nd huge game, and I think it’s worth mentioning that autopicks Justin Tucker and the Bronco Defense scored 15 and 23 points each.  Just think how good this team could have been if Anand had let the autopick draft his whole team!

Fly Eagles Fly 222.96, pUSHing Chains 165.58

For the second straight week the Eagles cruised to a comfortable win.  This also marks the 2nd week they finished just short of a weekly overall win.  Kelvin Benjamin and the Arizona Defense picked up the slack in a week when Antonio Brown was surprisingly lackluster.  Blake Bortles led the way for the Chain Gang

The Edgars 229.94, Creamed Potatoes 183.38

Maybe the headline for this one should be Poes cream the ‘Toes.   For the second week in a row, the Edgars ran out to an early lead on Thursday.  This time it was Matt Forte and Eric Decker leading the early charge.  Unlike last week, the Edgars held on.  The Potatoes got whipped as Cam Newton and Travis Benjamin had huge games.  A breakout prime time game by former Terp Stefon Diggs wasn’t nearly enough for the Potatoes to even threaten the Edgars’ lead.  The Edgars held on for the weekly win and lead in overall points so far this year.




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