Week 5: The Return of Angry Brady

Week 5:  The Return of Angry Brady

Pictured:  Fitzchize QB Tom Brady returned from suspension and took out his frustration by putting a beatdown on the Edgars.

We finally got a week where scoring exceeded the week 1 totals.  The average score per team this week would have comfortably earned 2nd place in week 3.  The scoring rebound is a little surprising when you consider that not only was this the first week with more than 2 teams on bye, but also that high powered offenses like New Orleans, Seattle and Jacksonville were among the idle teams.

After 5 weeks, each team has played every other team once, and we have a nice normal distribution among the records:  1 team with one loss, 2 with two losses, 2 with three losses, and 1 with four.

Fitchize finally added some variance to their score.  Prior to this week, every Fitzchize score had been within a 15 point band.  With the return of Tom Brady leading the way, they finally broke out for a big 238 point game, to solidify their hold on the top spot in the league. The only team whose score dropped compared to last week was the Rabbits.

Fitzchize 238.02, The Edgars 164.66

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet how awkward and unnatural it is to type the name “Fitzchize.”  I can never get it right the first time. I miss letters, try to end it with “…ise” or just generally bollocks it up.  Kudos for constantly messing me up with that one.  Anyway, so Angry Brady is back and kicking ass (at least against Cleveland), but Larry Fitzgerald (perhaps he’s the real Fitzchize!) also blew up for a huge game.  The Edgars didn’t help themselves by starting an injured QB who wasn’t playing, but hey, at least Cam Newton didn’t get negative points like the Edgars’ kicker did the week before.

Fly Eagles Fly 245.28, Caerbannog Killer Rabbits 197.06

eagle killing rabbit
Eagle vs. Rabbit ends about how you might expect

After two down weeks the Eagles were back on the hunt.  And rabbits don’t stand much of a chance against a hungry Eagle.  Marcus Friggin’ Mariota outscored his previous 3 weeks combined to be the top scorer for the Eagles, and T.Y. Hilton put  up great numbers as well.  The Rabbits got similarly big games from Philip Rivers and Ezekiel Elliot.  The Rabbits had seven players on bye, but the biggest problem was lackluster performances from both A.J. Green and Julio Jones, making it difficult to keep pace with the Eagles who put up the top score of the week.

Elmer Fudd 230.28, pUSHing Chains 195.42

Elmer Fudd and the Chain gang stayed neck-and-neck all afternoon on Sunday, with the lead going back and forth and neither team gaining more than about a 20 point lead at any time. However,the Fuddsters still had a couple prime-time players left an were finally able to finally pull away.  Ben Roethlisberger and Martellus Bennett were the top scorers for the Elmers, making up for poor showings by Jarvis Landry and kicker Graham Gano. The Chain pUSHers brought a more balanced attack and were actually led in scoring by ageless kicker Adam Vinatieri.


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