Week 6: Bunny 2, Fudd 0

Week 6:  Bunny 2, Fudd 0

So last week the standings were a nice normal distribution. Just one week later we have a completely different look:  three teams at 4-2 and three teams at 2-4.  With only a 2 game gap between first and last place, everyone is still very much in the race for the championship game.

pUSHing Chains 173.80, The Edgars 130.42

The Edgars may be looking at a shakeup in their coaching staff. A starting lineup of QBs Cam Newton and Trevor Seimian, RBs Jamaal Charles, Isaiah Crowell and Matt Jones, and WRs Mike Wallace, Brian Quick, Doug Baldwin and Michael Thomas would have scored more points than the starting lineup of the Edgars this week (and that’s with no kicker or defense). What does that cast of characters have in common?  Every single one of them was on the bench for the Edgars.  Gronk has finally started to be Gronk again for the Chain gang which should help them going forward.

Caerbannog Killer Rabbits 244.20, Elmer Fudd 173.26

Elmer came up limp against the wabbits again.
Elmer came up limp against the wabbits again.

The story is always the same…Elmer Fudd hunts for rabbit.  Elmer Fudd is outplayed by rabbit.   The Rabbits got over 40 points from Drew Brees and more than 30 points from Matt Stafford and Brandin Cooks.  Julio Jones and Christine Michael also pitched in with decent performances.  For the Fudds, only Odell Beckham Jr’s evisceration of the Ravens secondary stood out for the Fudds. No other player was able to top 20 points.  The Rabbits had the overall high score for the week, as they have in all four of their wins.


Game of the Week
Fly Eagles Fly 211.92, Fitzchize 198.54

Monday night earned a facepalm from the Fitzchize
Even the Fitzchize was embarrassed by that Monday night performance

The closest game of the week pitted the top two teams in the league against each other.  The Eagles jumped out to a lead on Sunday afternoon behind big games from LeSean McCoy and Marcus Mariota, but Fitzchize stormed back as Tom Brady, Matt Ryan and the unstoppable force that is Cole Beasley had big games as well.  Lamar Miller pushed the Eagles back ahead on Sunday night.  Fitzchize RB David Johnson made a valiant effort at a comeback on Monday Night, but ultimately the effort fell short as the Eagles’ Arizona Defense hounded Fitzchize mascot Ryan Fitzpatrick (and last year’s mascot Geno Smith) just enough to provide the 13 point margin of victory.




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