Week 10: Top Four Teams Tied In Knots

Week 10: Top Four Teams Tied In Knots

Pictured:  Whether it’s Seahawks 9 – Cardinals 9 or Bengals 27 – Washington 27, the standings in our league, or these hideous things, nothing is as ugly as football ties.

NOTE:  I just noticed that no trade deadline had been set for the league this year.  I just updated the settings to make the deadline as late as the system allows – November 25th.  Any trades must be completed by that date.  Sorry for the mixup.

Sorry, but a combination of family mini-crises, writers block, and laziness has kept me from writing the past few weeks.  I’m sure you guys are all suffering from the lack of Pulitzer-worthy prose and goofy photo editing, but we shall soldier on.

Now that we’ve completed the 2nd round-robin pass through the league, it seems as good a time as any to take stock of where things stand, and what it boils down to is a deadlocked 4 team race to the finish. The Eagles, Rabbit Killers, Fitzchize, and Rabbits are all tied at 6-4, and the difference in total points between to top team and the 4th team is less than 60 points.  Truly any of the 4 can make it to the championship or win the points race.

The Eagles currently hold the top spot by virtue of their advantage in combined head-to-head amongst the top 4 teams.  They are 4-2 against the other top teams. The Rabbit Killers and Fitzchise are 3-3 against the other top teams so the Rabbit Killers hold the 2nd spot by virtue of more total points.  Despite clinging to a slim lead in the overall points race, the Rabbits fall to fourth place after going 2-4 against the other three.

While it is possible, it is unlikely that all 4 teams remain tied at the end of the season. However it is likely that there will be some ties among the top 2 spots.  At that point, who ends up tied with whom may be the important factor in determining the participants in the Super Bowl.  Jason currently holds an insurmountable 2-0 edge over me, but is 1-1 against everyone else.  Terry is 0-2 against me, 2-0 against Anand and 1-1 against Jason. Anand is 2-0 against me, but 0-2 against Terry and 1-1 against Jason.  Of course some of those advantages may cancel each other if there are any 3-way ties so there’s a lot to be decided, but Jason is definitely in the best position at this point.

For what it’s worth, In the last 5 week round-robin, Terry went 4-1, Jason and I were 3-2, and Anand was 2-3.

Terry finally picked up his first overall weekly win of the season this week.  He joins Anand and Doug with one apiece.  Jason has 3 and I have 4.


Since we just got through an exercise in our version of democracy in the election, and we just observed Veterans Day, we should shake off the ugliness of those ties in the standings with some beautifully uplifting and patriotic images from the NFL’s Salute to Service campaign throughout this weeks’ writeups!


Rabbit Killers 258.94, Fly Eagles Fly 216.98

Tennessee Titans cheerleaders perform in camouflage for the NFL's Salute to Service during in the first half of an NFL football game between the Titans and the Carolina Panthers Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski)
Marcus Mariota’s performance for the Eagles was surely inspired by the Patriotism displayed by the Titans cheerleaders…

The second highest point total in the league was just enough to earn the Eagles the biggest blowout loss of the week.  The Rabbit Killers topped their previous high score of the year by nearly 30 points to run away with this contest  Russell Wilson led the way with over 35 points but Ben Roethlisberger, LeVeon Bell, and DeMarco Murry also topped 30 points, and Stephon Diggs and Odell Beckham were not far
behind that.  That sort of star power was

…but DeMarco Murray got just as much inspriation for the Rabbit Killers

more than enough to make up for disappointing outings from Randall Cobb, Jay Ajayi, and Jimmy Graham.  The Eagles were led by Marcus Mariota and Antonio Brown, but there weren’t enough other big performances to make up for duds from Mohamed Sanu, Lamar Miller, Terrance West and DeAndre Hopkins.



Caerbannog Killer Rabbits 207.56, The Klinks 176.18

Philip Rivers was clearly wanted to Make the Rabbits Great Again after he saw the display of patriotism on the Chargers sidelines

A monster game from rookie RB Ezekiel Elliot powered the Rabbits past the Hapless Kommandants.  Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and Julio Jones had nice games a well, to overcome duds from JJ Nelson and Mark Ingram.  The Klinks were led by Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, and a too little, too late big game from Doug Baldwin, but that wasn’t enough to overcome a zero from Matt Jones and several other players who couldn’t get out of single digits.


Fitzchize 211.02, pUSHing Chains 191.66

FItzchize stars David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald were clearly ready to fight for the stars and stripes on the Arizona sidelines this week.

After following up their highest scoring week of the year with their lowest scoring week of the year, Fitzchize bounced back to score enough points to pull off their sixth win of the year.  Jordy Nelson led the way for the Fitzers, while David Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Dez Bryant contributed as wll.  The Chain gang was led by Tyrell Williams, Dak Prescott, Demaryius Thomas, and Blake Bortles, and had an outside chance to pull out the win on Monday night, but mediocre games from Jeremy Hill and Tyler Eifert left them well short.


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