Week 12: Brown Delivers for the Holidays

Week 12:  Brown Delivers for the Holidays

Picture:  Antonio Brown delivered yet again for Fly Eagles Fly

Based on the standings, it seems there is clear separation of teams into 3 distinct levels – Two teams with 8 wins, two teams with 6 wins, and 2 teams with 4 wins.  Two game differences between each clump with 3 games to go, that seems to be some pretty solid separation.  And certainly the 2 teams with 8 wins are in a much better place than the teams in the other two groups.

But there’s a catch.

Through an interesting quirk in the schedule, the two teams in each of the three groups play each other.  So, barring the very unlikely event of a tie, every team will be separated by exactly one game from the team above and below them.  We will have teams with 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4 wins after this week.  One of those top two teams is going to get a loss, while one of the teams in the middle will get a win to draw closer.  On the other hand, the loser of the teams in the middle is going to be only one game above the winner of the group at the bottom.  The question will be who moves up and who moves down from each group.

The winner of the 8-4 group will certainly be in the drivers’ seat and the loser of the 6-6 game will either be knocked out of playoff contention, or close to it.  But the loser of the top game and winner of the middle game will have only a game separating them with two more to play.

Because there are so many possible combinations still in play, I’m not even going to attempt to figure out what the tie-breaking scenarios might be until at least next week.

After holding the lead in total points since week 4, the Rabbits have not only relinquished that lead, but have fallen to 4th place.  Fitzchize and the Eagles, the top two teams based on win-loss record, also hold the top spots in total points

It’s gonna be a close race coming down the homestretch.  Maybe someone should pick up Chad Johnson!

with the Fitzers holding a slim 18 point margin.  In fact the difference between first and 4th is less than 41 points so any of the four could easily pull out the points race over the next few weeks. It will likely be a close race all the way down the home stretch.


Also, note that the award for winning a week and the total points race go through the entire season, including week 16, so even if you don’t make the Super Bowl, there will still be something to play for that week!

Fitzchize 210.60, pUSHing Chains 170.66

With only 2 scores below 195 all season – by far the least of any team – Fitzchize just keeps plugging along with another solid finish to claim their 8th win of the year. Fitz was led by David Johnson’s 30 points, but it was the depth of good scoring across the board that got the win. The pUSHers got good performances from Davonta Freeman and Dak Prescott, but did not have enough top scorers to keep pace.  Fitzchize made a furious Monday Night run at the weekly win, but fell less than 1 point short.

Caerbannog Killer Rabbits 162.78, The Klinks 198.66

"I score over 40 points and the rest of you f**kers can only score 122?"
“I score over 40 points and the rest of you f**kers can only score 122?”

The Rabbits got another monster performance from Drew Brees, and good games from Philip Rivers and Zeke Elliot, the rest of the starting lineup stunk up the joint.  Leaving high scoring players like Mark Ingram on the

"Dude. Maybe if you'd thrown the ball to me more than, oh, zero times I could have scored more."
“Dude. Maybe if you’d thrown the ball to me more than, oh, zero times I could have scored more.”

bench certainly didn’t help matters.  The Klumsy Kommandants got big games from Michael Thomas and Jordan reed plus nice QB play from Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers.  That and a kicking clinic by Justin Tucker were enough to put away the reeling Rabbits.

Game of the Week
Fly Eagles Fly 211.54, Rabbit Killers 199.78

Antonio Brown and Mike Evans had the Eagles flying high as they claimed their 8th win of the season in a close match with the Rabbit Killers.  The Eagles also got a nice boost from their quarterbacks as Marcus Mariota continued his hot streak and Jamies Winston held his own against the Legion of Boom.  The Fuddsters were led by Odell Beckham, while QB Ben Roethlisberger got his share of points feeding the ball to Brown.  The Eagles went into Monday night with a razor thin lead and could have lost the game had real life Eagles kicker Caleb Sturgis missed a kick or two.  But Sturgis did just enough, including a 50 yard FG late in the third quarter to not only seal the win in this game, but win the week as well.


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