Week 14: Jingle Bell! Dashing Through the Snow

Week 14: Jingle Bell!  Dashing Through the Snow

Pictured:  Le’Veon Bell goes dashing through the snow in Buffalo

So last week there was all this drama about end-of-season scenarios and possible three-way tie breakers with coinflips and all that stuff.

Well, yeah.  None of that matters.  Terry lost, Anand and Jason both won and the Super Bowl pairing is set.  Regardless of what happens in week 15, the championship will be between Fitzchize and Fly Eagles Fly.  Feel free to rest your players this week, guys!

The points race still has a little drama left.  Anand has jumped out to an 87 point lead, which is actually the largest lead anyone has had all season by a significant margin.  Despite falling out of championship contention, Terry holds on to 2nd place, while Jason jumps up to third, about 30 points further adrift.  I dropped to fourth, more than 40 points behind Terry and am just clinging to a dream of maybe making up the 70+ points to finish in the money.  Keep in mind that total points scoring and weekly scoring goes through week 16 even for those out of the championship game.

Fly Eagles Fly 164.88, Boiled Bunnies 110.22

Looks like Glenn Close got to my team.

The Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail has been turned into the bunny from Fatal Attraction.  The team which had the top score in the league 4 of the first 6 weeks hasn’t topped 200 points in a month, and just set the record for worst single game score since the league re-formed in 2013. The Eagles didn’t really have any standout performances other than LeSean McCoy, but that was enough to annihilate the putrid Rabbits.

Fitzchize 199.22, The Klinks 154.44

Tom Brady and Matt Ryan once again led the way for Fitzchize, with Carlos Hyde, Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams pitching in as well.  The best player for the Klinks was Aaron Rodgers, but with Nelson and Adams on the other side, all his points were more than negated. Emmanual Sanders was the only other Klinker to top 20 points.  This is the 4th overall weekly win and 3rd in the past 4 weeks for Fitzchize, who has been running away with things to end the season.

Game of the Week
pUSHing Chains 151.76, Rabbit Killers 149.80

In a game that had remained neck and neck all day Sunday, The Rabbit Killers came in to Monday Night Football with a slim lead while pUSHing Chains still had Julian Edelman to play.  The game was still in doubt late in the game, but Edelman scored just enough to pull out the win.  The Rabbit Killers were carried almost entirely by Le’Veon Bell’s monster 50+ point performance in the snow.  But that wasn’t enough to stay ahead of the more balances scoring for The Chain Gang with Jeremy Hill, Tyreek Hill and Tyler Eifert having nice games to lead the way.


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