Week 15: Super Bowl Preview

Week 15:  Super Bowl Preview

Holy crap.
 In researching data to write this I came across something somewhat significant.  It doesn’t affect standings, or anything like that, but it does affect the money situation for a couple players.  In reviewing scores for the past few weeks I noticed that Jason had 1 point less in the system than what I had recorded.  It appears that the NFL released an official Stat correction for week 12 that changed one sack of Derek Carr to a -1 yard rushing attempt.  The Raiders were playing the Panthers that week, and that is who Jason had as his Defense, so his score was reduced by 1 point for one less sack.  Here’s the rub: in week 12 Jason had (we thought) barely squeaked past Anand for the high score of the week. But with this stat correction, Anand actually had the high score by .06 points 210.6 to 210.54.  That bumps Anand up to 5 weekly wins and drops Jason back down to 3. The stat corrections usually come out on Thursdays each week.  The one in question is listed on the Fantasy.nfl.com site if you have any questions.  Sorry it took so long for me to notice.

Not much to talk about after a relatively meaningless week 15.  The Super Bowl matchup was already set, so the games meant very little in the standings. Therefore I won’t dwell on them this week.

The Rabbits came back from the dead to claim their first weekly win since Week Six.   The Rabbits have had the overall high score in the league five times, and they are 2-8 in the other 10 weeks.

Other than the weekly win, the only thing still in play was the total points race. Fitzchize has a pretty firm grip on first place with more than a 100 point lead.  But there is suddenly some drama for 2nd place.  The Rabbit Killers remain in second, but their lead has been cut down heading into the final week.  By puttin up the high score of the week the Killer Rabbits have jumped back to 3rd place, less than 31 points behind.  The Rabbits outscored the Killers by 42 this week, so the gap is significant but definitely achievable.  The Eagles dropped down from third to fourth, an additional 28 points behind the Rabbits, so their hopes in the points race are dim at best.

Super Bowl Preview

On paper the big game looks like it should be a one-sided affair.

Fitzchize has dominated the league for the latter part of the season and has actually outscored the Eagles in each of the last 5 weeks.  Running back David Johnson has been the most reliable scorer in fantasy football this year.  To put his performance in perspective, his worst game of the season was 14.4 points in week 4.  If he had scored 14.4 points in his 15 games, he still would have been the #8 running back in the league.  Instead he often scored much, much more than that, topping 20 points 10 times and scoring over 30 points five times.  But strength across the board is the key for Fitzchize who also features #3 QB Matt Ryan, #4 WR Jordy Nelson, #1 Tight End Greg Olsen, #1 Kicker Justin Tucker, and #2 Defense Denver.

Fly Eagles Fly looked to be on the rise during the middle of the season, but they have tailed off considerably over the last few weeks. Over the last five weeks the Eagles have averaged less than 170 points per game – fourth in the league during that span.  LeSean McCoy and T.Y. Hilton have been the main bright spots down the stretch.  The Eagles will be looking for the likes of Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, and Marcus Mariota to return to their stellar mid-season form for one last game.

We only need to look back to last year to find hope for the Eagles.  Last season it was the Eagles who dominated the latter portion of the season, only to get crushed in the Super Bowl by an inferior foe.  It’s just one game, and anything can happen.


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