Week 4 Injuries are Not a Petty Thing

Week 4 Injuries are Not a Petty Thing

Pictured:  Terry thinks “Surely, you jest!” when star RB Dalvin Cook goes down with a season-ending knee injury.

Week 4 brought on a slew of injuries to key players to shake up the Fantasy landscape.  The most significant appears to be the season ending injury to Dalvin Cook, who was one of the top RB in the league through three weeks.  Not far behind is the mangled leg of Seattle RB Chris Carson.  But in addition to those, you have WRs Julio Jones and Mohammed Sanu both getting dinged for Atlanta, Odell Beckham playing through a dislocated finger and other ailments, and just like last season, Marcus Mariota and Derek Carr once again went down with injuries on the same day.

The tone for the weekend was set on Thursday night for Green Bay when Ty Montgomery went down with broken ribs.  His replacement, Jamal Williams promptly went down with a knee injury of some sort.  The icing on the cake was WR Davante Adams getting his gray-matter knocked clean into next week.

After 3 weeks with a lot of close contests, this week was all blowouts.  The closest score of any game was a 22 point margin (of course, Adam was involved) and no game was realistically in doubt by the time Monday’s game started.

Fly Eagles Fly 180.04, Magic Mike Evans 95.38

Tom_petty_the_heartbreakers-learning_to_fly_sIt appears the Eagles have certainly learned how to fly as they soared to the top score of the week behind huge games from Cam Newton, Todd Gurley and Bilal Powell.  For Magic Mike, they’re “Learning to fly, but they ain’t got wings. Coming down is the hardest thing”  Only Philip Rivers and the team’s namesake wide reciever were able to even crack double digits as the Magic men yet again crashed down to earth.

Fournettecation 165.08, pUSHing Chains 96.24

Fournettecation was able to overcome the early exit by Ty Mongomery to win this clash of 2-1 teams in dominating fashion.  Jameis Winston nearly doubled his total points for the year this week to lead the way, but Team Mascot Leonard Fournette, and WRs Jordy Nelson and Tyrell Williams also had better games than any Chain Gang starters.  pUSHing chains was led by its defense which probably tells you all you need to know.

Plan XVII 131.14, Breaking Bad 99.28

220px-TP_-_Breakdown_singleI’m still trying to put the team name for Breaking Bad together with its avatar.  I guess Elmer Fudd has taken up cooking meth?  Any way, Breaking Bad might be reaching a Breakdown as they lost arguably their best player when Dalvin Cook’s knee gave out.  Not only that, they finally decided to start Chris Thompson and right on cue, he puts up a 1.7 point dud to put a cap on a horrible week for the meth-cooking, lisping, nimrods. Breaking Bad had to be thinking Don’t Do Me Like That all weekend.  LeVeon Bell’s big game in Baltimore was really the difference as nobody else really stood out for the Frenchies.

McCaffeinated 129.78, McCownasty 97.08

It looked like we were holding our own bastardized version of the Scottish Highland Games with McCaffeinated and McCownasty facing off.

McCafe scoring trend wk 4
At the rate they are Free-Fallin’, McCaffeinated will fail to score any points by week 10

While McCafe escaped with a win to remain the only undefeated team in the league and McCownasty is still searching for their first win, both teams are Free-Fallin’ in their own way.  McCownasty is still falling after last year’s surprise run to the league title, and the loss of top overall pick David Johnson in week 1.  McCafe on the other hand, is the only team to score fewer and fewer points each and every week. On a positive note, McCownasty managed to break the curse of playing against Matt, by NOT being the lowest scoring team in the league when facing him. it was by less than 2 points, but it wasn’t the low score of the week, dammit.

Llamageddon 142.40, Make The Redskins Great Again 122.26

The closest game of the week (of course involving Adam again) was this time decided by over 20 points.  The Llamas were facing an undefeated Redskins team but collectively they decided “I Won’t Back Down”.  MTRGA got off to a blazing start with Aaron Rodgers throwing for 4 TDs on Thursday night, but Ezekeiel Elliot was seen before the game, gathering his fellow Llamas in a pre-game herd saying “I don’t care how many points Rodgers scored.  You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won’t back down!”  After the game, top scorer Russell Wilson was asked how the Llamas were able to pull out the win after the hot start from an undefeated foe. Wilson replied “Hey, baby, there ain’t no easy way out.  I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down.  Gonna stand my ground.”  MTRGA were heartbroken after the loss.


Week 3 Recap

Apologies for missing last week’s recap.  I had a family crisis to deal with and by the time that was past we were already into week 3.

It’s probably just as well that I missed last week because it was basically a repeat of week one.

  • Four games matched week 1 winners against week 1losers, and all four of those
    Yogi Berra compared week 2 to week 1

    games came out with the week 1 winner victorious again. Only when two week 1 winners or losers played each other did we get a new result.

  • The weekly high score went to Matt…again
    • and it wasn’t close…again
    • and he was facing the lowest scoring team…again
  • The second highest scorer was Jason…again.
  • Adam won by the slimmest margin…again

So finally in week 3 we started seeing some changes.  First of all we finally started seeing some big games from players.  The first two weeks seemed particularly devoid of many studly performances but this week finally started seeing more 20+ point games, and even a couple 40+ point outbursts.  Overall scoring for the league is up about 5 points per team for the 2nd straight week (125.5-130.8-135.7).   Three teams got either their first loss or their first victory.

While scoring overall is up, Matt has finally started to come back to the pack.  Yet somehow, he got matched up against the lowest scoring team in the league for the third week in a row.  (Sorry Anand, but it looks like you’re team is f****d since you play him this week.) but a least this time, someone other than Matt was able to win the week.  And best of all, that someone was me.



McCaffeinated 153.32, pUSHing Chains 75.32

So for the third week in a row, McCafe’ claims the blowout of the week by virtue of playing the lowest scoring team.  Maybe he’s found a way to play to actually play defense

Beckham peeing mccafe
The rest of the team didn’t show up, but Odell Beckham Jr. really gave it to McCafe

against his opponent’s players, because whoever plays Matt just can’t score against him. After scoring enough to notch victories the first two weeks, pUSHing Chains just fell apart. Odell Beckham Jr. finally showed up with the highest score of any player in the game for the Chain Gang, and Golden Tate was solid, but everyone else just sucked. No one else scored even 8 points and five of them were below 4 points.  The vaunted Seahawk Defense got negative points.  At Home.  Against the Titans.  Derek Carr and Michael Crabtree got stonewalled by the Redskins, of all teams.   You can take three players from McCafe (Dak Prescott, Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski and they scored enough to win the game on their own. Then you can take the other 7 players from McCafe and they also scored enough to win the game on their own.


Plan XVII 154.5, Fly Eagles Fly 135.48

Previously winless Plan XVII earned their first win of the season and delivered the first loss of the season to the Eagles.  Todd Gurley exploded for nearly 38 points on Thursday to put the Eagles on top, but the rest of the team fell flat and the 17ers pulled away on Sunday.  Doug Baldwin and Drew Brees led the way for Plan 17.

Fournettecation 118.72, Magic Mike Evans 80.18

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. When you’re the 3rd worst scoring team, the best you can hope for is to play the 2nd worst team (It appears the worst scoring team will always be playing Matt, so that’s not an option).  Fournettecation stole a win in just this way by facing a reeling Magic Mike Evans team. Fournettecation got a couple nice games from WRs Jordy Nelson and Chris Hogan, but the rest of team underwhelmed or worse (I mean, come on.  Jay Ajayi could only manage 4.5 points against a Jets team that had just given up 180 yards rushing and 3 TDs to Raiders runners?)  But that was more than enough as No Magic Mike player could top 15 points and 6 failed to reach single digits.  Sitting Demarco Murray and his 19 points didn’t help matters either.  But that’s understandable, because apparently Magic Men and people named Murray don’t get along well:



Llamageddon 174.62, Breaking Bad 161.76

After two tough-luck losses, Breaking Bad seemed to turn things around with a big performance in week 3. But yet again, things broke bad for them as they were playing against the only team in the league to outscore them.  Walter White’s crew got off to a hot start with big games from both Carlos Hyde and Pierre Garcon on Thursday Night.   Dalvin Cook threw in another big game to keep things rolling on Sunday.  But the Llamas got a huge outburst from Russell Wilson and big games from AJ Green, Christian McCaffery, and Devante Parker to chip away at the lead.   It wasn’t until the 2nd half of the Monday Night game that Ezekiel Elliot finally put the Llamas on top for good, to pull out the victory and seal the top score for the week.

Game of the Week
Make the Redskins Great Again 157.42, McCownasty 145.72

For the third straight week, MtRGA was involved in the closest game of the week, and for the third straight week, they emerged victorious, this time delivering a third straight loss to the defending champions.  Sammy Watkins got things started Great for the Redskins with a two TD breakout on Thursday.  Then TY Hilton and Devonta Freeman kept things rolling over the weekend.  But late on Sunday, Tom Terrific and Brandin Cooks blew up for7 combined TDS and over 77 points to push McCownasty into a big lead.  But then the Redskins chipped away at that lead.  Larry Fitzgerald gave MtRGA the lead on monday night, but the woes of the Arizona defense actually swung the lead back to the Nasty Boyz for a while.  But eventualy Fitzgerald was too much and MtRGA retook the lead for good.

Interesting Factoid that Probably Really Pisses Terry Off

With 406.88 points, Terry currently has the 4th most points in the league.  Adam is 1.8 points behind him with 405.08 total points.  Yet Terry is 0-3, losing all three games by about 40 points combined, while Adam is undefeated at 3-0, having outscored his opponents by less than 18 points combined.

2017 Season Gets Kicked in the Johnson

2017 Season Gets Kicked in the Johnson

Pictured: Simba and Anand just want the King to get up

Football is back, bigger and better than ever.  With four new teams it’s a whole new world for our league.  That may have been a bad idea for us hold-overs as the only new player to not win their first game was when two new teams played each other.  Time will tell how things shake out, but was a rather inauspicious start for the old guard.

With new roster alignment we’ll get new scoring trends and averages, but overall this seemed like a pretty low scoring week (for 9 of us).  After a few weeks we should have a better sense for what is normal.

With all the new teams, it may be tough for me to keep up with these writeups or they may come later in the week.

Game Recaps:
McCaffeinated 205.02, Magic Mike Evans 78.90

It’s probably a bad sign when your number 1 pick – the player you decide to name your team after – is out of the game due to a hurricane.  After that, things only got worse for Magic Mike Evans.  They would have been better off starting a QB who was off for the

Marvin Lewis Pleading with Ref
“C’mon man! You gotta help me out.  I’ve got Andy Dalton as my QB!”

hurricane than Andy Dalton.  “Bad Andy” showed up this week putting up the first negative score of the year in what ESPN says is the 3rd worst QB performance in the history of their QBR rating (back to 2006). Early picks Demarco Murray and Isaiah Crowell disappointed as well.  But it really didn’t matter how well the Magic Men played because they were facing a juggernaut.  McCaffeinated started with over 45 points from rookie Kareem Hunt, then continued to pour on points all weekend to claim the first weekly high score. In addition Hunt, they had the top two scoring WRs and tied for the top Defense in the league.  The margin of victory in this game was more than all but 3 other teams scored in total.


pUSHing Chains 112.94, McCownasty 99.78

After basking in the glory of last year’s championship all off-season, McCownasty met the harsh reality of 2017 as soon as the season started.  Early picks Tom Brady and Brandin Cooks laid an egg on the Thursday night opener, but with the return of 2016’s top player David Johnson, things still seemed manageable, right?  Johnson was fairly pedestrian for most of his game, but he’s had so many big 4th quarters it still seemed like things would still be ok when he caught a 24 yard pass near the goal line.  But then he didn’t get up.  With a wrist injury sending him for at least 8 weeks and returning “hopefully by… Christmas”, things suddenly look dire for the returning champs.  It doesn’t help that Several other starters (Joe Mixon, Tyler Eifert, Kelvin Benjamin) also stunk up the joint.  pUSHing Chains had a nice solid outing from several starters, and combined with the poor showing from McCownasty, it was enough to pull out the win, despite starting Fat Eddie Lacy and his 3 yards instead of Mike Gillislee and his 3 TDs.

Fournettecation 133.54, Breaking Bad 127.14

Autopick strikes again. Last year, several autopick selections led Anand’s team to the championship.  This year, at least for 1 week, the autopick selection of Leonard Fournette worked out as well as the rookie piled up carries against the hapless Texans.  But the real team MVP may have been Hurricane Irma, which took out planned starter Jameis Winston allowing replacement pickup Sam Bradford to lead Fournettecation with over 30 points. Tyrell Williams scored just enough in the late Monday game to pull out the close-fought victory. Breaking Bad got balanced but unspectacular scoring led by LeSean McCoy.

Fly Eagles Fly 135.44, Llamageddon 133.42

The runner up (a.k.a. first loser) the last two years, Fly Eagles Fly started the year off right by beating Llamageddon in an extremely close match.  The Eagles were led by their eponymous defense, and got a big game from Todd Gurley as well to jump out to a Allen Robinson Hurtbig early lead.  The Llamas had balanced scoring but with no player topping 20 points they fell 2 points short of making up the difference.In what is probably a blessing in disguise, the Eagles have been relieved of having to watch Allen Robinson attempt to catch the “passes” thrown by Blake Bortles thanks to an ACL injury to the WR.

Game of the Week
Make the Racial Slurs Great Again 115.34, Plan XVII 113.72

MRGA really doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but I guess it’s better than McCownasty so we’ll roll with it. The Fantasy Redskins fared far better than the NFL Redskins this week as they squeaked out the closest victory of the week.  Aaron Rodgers led the way with only 18.54 points, and Mark Ingram piled on a few garbage time catches to build up just enough of a lead to hold off the Seventeeners.  french surrenderPlan XVII lived up to the heritage of their namesake – French military strategy – as they open the season with a surrender loss. Plan 17 had the high scorer of the game with Adam Thielen’s big monday night performance, but Frank Gore, LeVeon Bell, Greg Olsen, and the Vikings defense all stunk.   Keenan Allen tried to make the miracle late Monday comeback but fell just short.

Questionable Move of the Week

With the results of the first week, I’m tempted to say it’s the 6 holdover owners for letting all the new guys in so they could win the league, Fat Eddiebut this one has to go to Dmitry for benching Mike Gillislee. It’s bad enough that the 3rd highest scoring RB in the league and his 22+ points were left on the bench, but the fact that it was to put Fat Eddie Lacy into the lineup is definitely….questionable.



Week 16: Worst to First – Fitzchize Wins Championship

Week 16: Worst to First – Fitzchize Wins Championship

Pictured:  Jordy Nelson and David Johnson celebrate the first championship for Fitzchize

Fitzchize continued its late season domination with their seventh straight week of over 197 points and 5th win in the last six weeks to complete their Worst-to-First journey with a resounding win in the championship game.  David Johnson and Jordy Nelson turned in superstar performances while Dez Bryant, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan also had good performances to put away the slumping Eagles.

Fly Eagles fly continued their late season swoon by posting the lowest score in the league in the game that counted the most.  LeSean McCoy, Mike Evans and Jamies Winston had respectable games, but the rest of the team fell flat.  This was the fourth straight week that the Eagles put up less than 170 points.

The Fitzchize Trophy
The Fitzchize Trophy

After finishing in last place for the past two years, Fitzchize bounced back in a big way this season.   After winning a 8 games over the past two seasons combined, Fitzchize responded with 11 wins this year (counting the championship victory).  They displayed incredible consistency throughout the year, with only two scores (weeks 7 and 9) below 195 points.  The next closest team in that category was the Killer Rabbits with 5 weeks below 195.

This week also made official the Fitzchise victory in total points, giving them a clean sweep of the major awards.  The Rabbit Killers had a huge week to solidify their hold on 2nd place and claim the final weekly prize of the season.


Final Accounting

Anand:  5 weekly wins($50), Championship  (110), 1st in total points (75) – 75 entry fee = +160

Jason: 3 weekly wins (30), Runner up (75) – 75 entry fee =+30

Terry: 2 weekly wins (20), 2nd in total points (30) – 75 fee = -25

Chris: 5 weekly wins (50) – 75 fee = -25

Doug: 1 weekly win (10) – 75 fee = -65

Dmitry: -75 fee

I suggest Doug and Dmitry pay their dues to Anand.  Terry can pay his to Jason, and I’ll split mine 20 to Anand and 5 to Jason.

Week 15: Super Bowl Preview

Week 15:  Super Bowl Preview

Holy crap.
 In researching data to write this I came across something somewhat significant.  It doesn’t affect standings, or anything like that, but it does affect the money situation for a couple players.  In reviewing scores for the past few weeks I noticed that Jason had 1 point less in the system than what I had recorded.  It appears that the NFL released an official Stat correction for week 12 that changed one sack of Derek Carr to a -1 yard rushing attempt.  The Raiders were playing the Panthers that week, and that is who Jason had as his Defense, so his score was reduced by 1 point for one less sack.  Here’s the rub: in week 12 Jason had (we thought) barely squeaked past Anand for the high score of the week. But with this stat correction, Anand actually had the high score by .06 points 210.6 to 210.54.  That bumps Anand up to 5 weekly wins and drops Jason back down to 3. The stat corrections usually come out on Thursdays each week.  The one in question is listed on the Fantasy.nfl.com site if you have any questions.  Sorry it took so long for me to notice.

Not much to talk about after a relatively meaningless week 15.  The Super Bowl matchup was already set, so the games meant very little in the standings. Therefore I won’t dwell on them this week.

The Rabbits came back from the dead to claim their first weekly win since Week Six.   The Rabbits have had the overall high score in the league five times, and they are 2-8 in the other 10 weeks.

Other than the weekly win, the only thing still in play was the total points race. Fitzchize has a pretty firm grip on first place with more than a 100 point lead.  But there is suddenly some drama for 2nd place.  The Rabbit Killers remain in second, but their lead has been cut down heading into the final week.  By puttin up the high score of the week the Killer Rabbits have jumped back to 3rd place, less than 31 points behind.  The Rabbits outscored the Killers by 42 this week, so the gap is significant but definitely achievable.  The Eagles dropped down from third to fourth, an additional 28 points behind the Rabbits, so their hopes in the points race are dim at best.

Super Bowl Preview

On paper the big game looks like it should be a one-sided affair.

Fitzchize has dominated the league for the latter part of the season and has actually outscored the Eagles in each of the last 5 weeks.  Running back David Johnson has been the most reliable scorer in fantasy football this year.  To put his performance in perspective, his worst game of the season was 14.4 points in week 4.  If he had scored 14.4 points in his 15 games, he still would have been the #8 running back in the league.  Instead he often scored much, much more than that, topping 20 points 10 times and scoring over 30 points five times.  But strength across the board is the key for Fitzchize who also features #3 QB Matt Ryan, #4 WR Jordy Nelson, #1 Tight End Greg Olsen, #1 Kicker Justin Tucker, and #2 Defense Denver.

Fly Eagles Fly looked to be on the rise during the middle of the season, but they have tailed off considerably over the last few weeks. Over the last five weeks the Eagles have averaged less than 170 points per game – fourth in the league during that span.  LeSean McCoy and T.Y. Hilton have been the main bright spots down the stretch.  The Eagles will be looking for the likes of Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, and Marcus Mariota to return to their stellar mid-season form for one last game.

We only need to look back to last year to find hope for the Eagles.  Last season it was the Eagles who dominated the latter portion of the season, only to get crushed in the Super Bowl by an inferior foe.  It’s just one game, and anything can happen.

Week 14: Jingle Bell! Dashing Through the Snow

Week 14: Jingle Bell!  Dashing Through the Snow

Pictured:  Le’Veon Bell goes dashing through the snow in Buffalo

So last week there was all this drama about end-of-season scenarios and possible three-way tie breakers with coinflips and all that stuff.

Well, yeah.  None of that matters.  Terry lost, Anand and Jason both won and the Super Bowl pairing is set.  Regardless of what happens in week 15, the championship will be between Fitzchize and Fly Eagles Fly.  Feel free to rest your players this week, guys!

The points race still has a little drama left.  Anand has jumped out to an 87 point lead, which is actually the largest lead anyone has had all season by a significant margin.  Despite falling out of championship contention, Terry holds on to 2nd place, while Jason jumps up to third, about 30 points further adrift.  I dropped to fourth, more than 40 points behind Terry and am just clinging to a dream of maybe making up the 70+ points to finish in the money.  Keep in mind that total points scoring and weekly scoring goes through week 16 even for those out of the championship game.

Fly Eagles Fly 164.88, Boiled Bunnies 110.22

Looks like Glenn Close got to my team.

The Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail has been turned into the bunny from Fatal Attraction.  The team which had the top score in the league 4 of the first 6 weeks hasn’t topped 200 points in a month, and just set the record for worst single game score since the league re-formed in 2013. The Eagles didn’t really have any standout performances other than LeSean McCoy, but that was enough to annihilate the putrid Rabbits.

Fitzchize 199.22, The Klinks 154.44

Tom Brady and Matt Ryan once again led the way for Fitzchize, with Carlos Hyde, Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams pitching in as well.  The best player for the Klinks was Aaron Rodgers, but with Nelson and Adams on the other side, all his points were more than negated. Emmanual Sanders was the only other Klinker to top 20 points.  This is the 4th overall weekly win and 3rd in the past 4 weeks for Fitzchize, who has been running away with things to end the season.

Game of the Week
pUSHing Chains 151.76, Rabbit Killers 149.80

In a game that had remained neck and neck all day Sunday, The Rabbit Killers came in to Monday Night Football with a slim lead while pUSHing Chains still had Julian Edelman to play.  The game was still in doubt late in the game, but Edelman scored just enough to pull out the win.  The Rabbit Killers were carried almost entirely by Le’Veon Bell’s monster 50+ point performance in the snow.  But that wasn’t enough to stay ahead of the more balances scoring for The Chain Gang with Jeremy Hill, Tyreek Hill and Tyler Eifert having nice games to lead the way.

Week 13: Who Needs Luck When You’ve Got a Big Johnson

Week 13:  Who Needs Luck When You’ve Got a Big Johnson

As we wind down the last few weeks of the season things are starting to shake out, but there’s still a bit of uncertainty left.

The Rabbits officially join the Edgars and pUSHing chains as having been eliminated from Super Bowl contention.  Terry moves up into third place, and Jason is now in 2nd with only a game separating them, but Jason holds the 2-1 season series edge, so Terry must win two and Jason must lose 2 for Terry to take over 2nd.  Anand has a 2 game edge over Terry, but in that case Terry holds the head-to-head tiebreaker edge, so if Terry wins both his game and Anand loses both of his, Terry would knock Anand out of the championship game.

There is an unlikely, but nevertheless possible scenario where Anand loses 2 games, Jason loses 1 game, and Terry wins both of his games.  If that were to happen it would be a 3-way tie at the top with each team at 9-6.  But each of the three teams has finished the season series at 2-1 against one team, and 1-2 against the other, so they would all have a 3-3 combined head-to-head record against each other.  If that were to happen, the tiebreaker would go to total points scored across all three, with the lowest point total left out of the championship.

It is possible (again highly unlikely) that the total points could also end up in a tie for the final playoff position.  I think i used to have multiple additional tiebreakers defined, but if I did, they’re long gone, so if total points does not decide the outcome for the championship game, we will go with a coin flip (or some other randomly generated outcome).  That coin flip tiebreaker will ONLY apply for playoff eligibility.  The tied players would split the winnings for total points evenly.

Anand just squeaked out another weekly win, his 3rd of the season.  He extended his lead in the overall points race to nearly 38 points, while Terry moved up to 2nd with about a 33 point lead over me.  Jason dropped from 2nd to 4th, trailing me by 12, but more importantly trailing the 2nd (final paying) spot by 45.

Rather than get into full game recaps, here are a few quick-hitter thoughts

Fitzchize 222.04, Fly Eagles Fly 157.58

I wouldn't challenge David Johnson to a skiing contest. This is awesome.
Not only is he good at football.  He’s gonna kick your ass in the slalom too.
  • As implied in the title to this article, David Johnson is pretty good.
  • Andrew Luck and Joe Flacco both scored 4 TDs.  Both were on the Fitzchize bench. (Did you actually think the Jets could stop anyone?)
  • Eagles had 5 players score less than 4 points including two scoring zero.

Rabbit Killers 218.46, Killed Rabbits 192.38

  •  Elmer Fudd finally got his wish, killing off the Rabbits for this season.
  • I guess it’s duck season, especially if you saw some of Drew Brees’ throws for the Rabbits
  • No one for the Rabbit Killers scored over 25, but 7 players scored more than 18 points

pUSHing chains 146.98, The Klinks 135.40

  • 146.98 is the lowest score this season to win a game and both scores were among the eight lowest of the season.
  • You guys realize you don’t get a better draft pick next year if you finish in last, right?
  • Out of 26 starters in this game, only one player topped 20 points.